Embarrassing Weah Rolls in Late at Public Events


It has been observed that President George Weah normally attends state functions and other programs late as it was in the case of the just ended ceremony to honor & farewell the police & military personnel who have served with the United Nations Mission in Liberia.
President George Weah was on Monday, February 5, 2018 invited to attend the ceremony at UNMIL’s Pan Africa Plaza Headquarters in Monrovia but he appeared two hours late for the program.

As per the order of the ceremony, dignitaries and other guests including the President were to arrive and be seated at 8:35 am up to 9:00 am. Almost all invited guests arrived on time with the exception of President Weah.
The ceremony was to last for about two hours beginning from 8:35 A.M and ending at 10:30a.m but due to the lateness of the President the program ended by 12 PM, two hours than scheduled.

When the ceremony started at 9:10 a.m, the master of ceremony called on Madam Frances Greaves, chairperson National Civil Society Council of Liberia to make a remark to be followed by Representatives of ECOWAS, AU and diplomatic mission.
Thereafter, at 9:30 a.m UNMIL Force Commander Major general Sahilu Zaway Uba mounted the podium and addressed the audience. After his speech, the MC announced that President Weah’s office has phoned in that he was on his way to the program.
She then requested the Armed Forces of Liberia band to entertain the public with an interlude of music to buy time until the President can arrive. The band sang numerous songs including the UN &Liberia Anthems before singing a popular circular Nigerian music called “Falling in Love”.

About 45 minutes later when the President could not arrive the MC was told to call the next speaker H. E. El Hadj Abdoulaye Dore Dean of Diplomatic Mission. As he mounted the podium to give his address, the siren of President Weah’s convoy was heard and as the result he was told to wait for the arrival and seating of the President.
President Weah enters the UNMIL Headquarters after 10 am smartly dressed in blue coat suit. As he disembarked his Presidential vehicle he was greeted by UNMIL SRSG Farid Zarif.

The both walked from the vehicle up to where the audience was. As they walked through, some members of the audience mainly dignitaries were murmuring apparently in total disappointment of the President late arrival.
It is not the first time President Weah has come to ceremony late as it was in the case during his first state of the nation address where he came 15 minutes late to the traditional 4:00 P.M event.-Writes P. Nas Mulbah