Academic Crime Court For Corrupt Teachers


President George Weah’s Minister of Education-designate Professor D. Ansu Sonii Wednesday prayed for legislative backing to create academic crime court for corrupt public schools administrators.
“We’re coming to you Senators to create academic crime court to expedite corrupt cases in the education sector. I’m not prepared at this stage to join people to destroy the last few years of my active life,” Sonii said.
The nominee told Senators at his confirmation hearing that his administration top priority to President Weah’s ‘pro-poor’ governance agenda is to leave a positive legacy.

“If it becomes necessary to put professor Sonii in jail for academic malfeasance do so and don’t even think about the otherwise, the Minister designate said.

“If teachers are found in malpractice not only that we will dismiss them but those teachers will never teach in this country except I’m not living or don’t have the authority.”

“We’re not giving teachers second chances. Teachers are teachers. The way we walk is a lesson; when we dress foolishly, students think our dress code is appropriate and they copy that.”

The minister designate said his administration would not hesitate to dismiss non-performance public schools principals. “ If the complain comes to you Senators please call me and I will justify why we replace them,”
Professor Sonii told the Senators that his team is ready to remove the mess associated with the nation’s education sector.
Writes Titus E. Dessie