‘Pro-poor’ Cabinet


On Saturday, January 27, President George Manneh Weah released his second set of appointments in government, featuring several young professional and politicians with humble background.

They are expected to help the President achieve his pro-poor governance agenda and other goals such as ending corruption and improving the lives of every Liberian.

Following his election victory in Dec. 20017, Weah the president-elect said his officials will be committed to fighting for the ideas that inspired his campaign and that they should be dedicated to delivering for the Liberian people.

“Those chosen to serve will and must be dedicated to the ideas of grassroots, social transformation.,” he said.

According to an Executive Mansion release, those appointed include:

Ministry of Gender Children & Social Protection

Minister of Gender, Children & Social Protection Williametta Piso Saydee-Tarr
Deputy Minister for Administration Parleh Harris
Deputy Minister for Protection, Children & Social Welfare Lydia Sherman
Deputy Minister for Gender Alice Johnson Howard
Assistant Minister for Research & Technical Services Maminah Carr
Assistant Minister for Planning & Administration Mamansie Kaba

Ministry of Health
Deputy Minister for Health Services/Chief Medical Officer Dr. Francis N. Kateh
Deputy Minister for Administration Norwu Howard Wesson
Deputy Minister for Research & Planning A. Vaifee Tulay

Ministry of Labor
Ministry of Labor Moses Y. Kollie
Deputy Minister for Administration Yvette Freeman
Deputy Minister for Manpower Development Atty. Phil T. Dixon
Assistant Minister for Manpower Development Atty. Welma Sampson

Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs Samora Wolokollie
Deputy Minister for Budget & Planning Tanneh G. Brunson
Assistant Minister for Budget Jesse B. Korboi
Assistant Minister for Fiscal Affairs Jeremiah B. Sackie
Assistant Minister for Administration Patience Kollie-Lawson
Comptroller General Janga Kowo

Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment
Executive Director Quiwu Yeke

Internal Audit Agency
Director General E. Barten Nyensuah

Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Minister Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh
Deputy Minister for Administration Wilfred Bangura
Deputy Minister for Small Business Administration Jamama Wolokollie
Assistant Minister for Small Business Administration Debra Nebo
Deputy Inspector General for Enforcement Josephine W. Davies

National Security Agency
National Social Security Director James Henric Pearson, Jr.
Director Deputy Director for Special Services Samuel Siryon
Deputy for Operations for VIP Security Jones Blamo

Executive Protection Service (EPS)
Director EPS Trokon Roberts
Deputy Director for Administration & Operations Henry Wolo

Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS)
Director General Ledgerhood J. Rennie
Deputy for Administration Estella Liberty-Kermu
Deputy for Broadcasting Tete Gebro

Liberia National Police (LNP)
Inspector General of Police (100) Patrick Sudue
Deputy Inspector General for Administration (101) Sadatu L. M. Reeves

Liberia Immigration Service
Commissioner General Lamuel E.A. Reeves
Deputy Commissioner /Naturalization Asatu Bah Kenneh

Monrovia City Corporation
Mayor Jeff koijee

General Services Agency
Director General Mary T. Borh
Deputy Director General for Administration GSA Williams Dakel

Forestry Development Authority (FDA)
Managing Director C. Mike Donyen

Liberia Institute of Public Administration
Director General Bill Twehway

National Port Authority
Deputy Managing Director for Administration Cecelia Cuffy-Brown
Chief of Security/NPA Timothy Sudue

Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism
Minister Eugene L. Nagbe
Deputy Minister for Public Affairs Eugene Fahgon
Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs Jurah A.M. Sanoe
Assistant Minister for Information Services Samuel Worzie

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Elias Shoniyin
Inspector General Foreign Service Marie K. Coleman
Chief of Protocol Republic of Liberia Jervis Witherspoon
Chief of Protocol/ Executive Mansion Nora Finda Bundoo

Land Mines & Energy
Minister Gesler E. Murray
Deputy Minister Administration Bloatey Scere
Assistant Minister for Mines Emmanuel T. Swen
Assistant Minister for Administration Agnes S. Marshall
Assistant Minister for Planning Johnson Willabo
Assistant Minister for Corrections and Rehabilitation Eddie S. Tarawali

Ministry of Youth & Support
Minister D. Zogar Wilson
Deputy Minister for Administration Audrain R. Forbes-Smith
Deputy Minister for Sports G. Andy Quamie
Assistant Minister for Administration Famatta Brewer
Assistant Minister for TVET Millias Z. Sheriff

Ministry of Education
Minister Prof. Ansu D. Sonii
Deputy Minister for Planning, Research & Development Alton V. Kesselly
Deputy Minister for Instructions Latim Da-thong
Assistant Minister for Science, Technology, Vocational & Special Education Sokou Dukuly

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Minister Varney Sirleaf
Deputy Minister for Planning & Research Development Olayee S. Collins

Liberian Institutes for Statistics and Geo-Information Service (LISGIS)
Director General Prof. Francis F. Wreh
Deputy Director General/Administration Mariah Quaye Gilayeneh

National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority (NFAA)

Deputy Minister for Administration/National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority Augustine M. Manobalah

Liberia Airport Authority (LAA)
Managing Director Bako Freeman
Deputy Director Administration Martin J. Hayes

Paynesville City Corporation
Mayor Pam Belcher-Taylor

Superintendent Monsterrado Florence Brandy
Superintendent Bong County Esther Walker

Ministry of States for Presidential Affairs
Minister of State without Portfolio Trokon A. Kpui
Legal Advisor to President Archie Bernard
Assistant Minister for Logistics J. Emmanuel Potter
Aide de Camp Kaitee Korto Flomo
Aide de Camp Prince T. Toe, Jr.

Meanwhile, those appointed are subject to confirmation by the Liberia Senate where applicable: