Group Seeks Good Governance Under New Administration


George Weah election as President of Liberia is a renaissance that is expected to drive the nation into national development, economic empowerment and total reconciliation, Prince Akinremi who chairs the group called the Movement of Born and naturalized Liberians has said.

The CDC led government under the leadership of President George M. Weah that is just assuming national leadership, will not make the magic in dealing with the already high cost of living in the country and other economic problems that the country is faced with,” the group said in a press statement issued in Monrovia.

“We are calling on all Liberians to manage their expectations and not expect the George Weah government to perform miracle . We believe that the CDC led-government will accomplish its transformation agenda to the taste and appetite of the Liberian people.

“The country economy is in shambles and it would be unfair to expect too soon from the George Weah led government when the country is depending on both foreign direct and a cash base budgets which must be generated before development can take place

“It is about time that all Liberians rally around and support the government of President elect George M. Weah to move the country forward in the right trajectory, because Liberia is our common denominator.

“Liberia is now at a cross road and this new political dispensation is a hall mark for brighter and better Liberia and as such, the President elect George M. Weah must do everything to foster national unity and to as well maintain the freedom of speech and the rule of law.