I Won’t Let You Down


President George Weah has promised to reduce income inequality, end corruption and invest in agriculture, infrastructure and human capital as he kick starts the execution of his hope agenda.

Taking the oath of office as Liberia’s 24th President, Monday January 22, in the city of Paynesville, Weah said he would use his Dec. 26, 2017 popular mandate from the people to end corruption.

He pledged to reconcile the nation’s 4.5 million population, urging Liberians to celebrate their diversity with unity. Corrupt public officials will be prosecuted and jailed, Weah said.

“I promise to be the agent of positive change,” he told the nation. “ We owe our citizens moral clarity on fundamental issues including civil liberty and accountability of national resources.

Weah is taking over an economy, which according to the Central Bank of Liberia is experiencing 11% inflation as at 21 December 2017, while the Liberian dollar has depreciated by 24% against the United States dollars.

In its statement of 21 December, the Central Bank of Liberia estimated the economy would record a real GDP growth of 2.5 percent, up from a contraction of 1.6 percent reported in 2016.

The President said he would introduce programs that will empower Liberian businesses and while he would encourage Foreign Direct Investment, the marginalization of local entrepreneurs and companies will not be permitted.
“Liberia is open for business. We want to be known as a business-friendly government,” he said.

While campaigning for the presidency, Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) told voters they “will cry no more” and promised to make Liberia “prosperous and proud again” by fighting corruption, seeking economic revitalization, free education and health care.

But the President has told supporters to lower expectations because he will not perform miracle.