50,000 West Point Inhabitants Benefit from Purify Water


At least 50, 000 inhabitants from the densely populated slum community of West Point in Monrovia have benefited from a standardized Bio Sand Filter intended to purify water for drinking, cooking, bathing and other usages.

The standardized filter was installed and presented to the township by four local organizations namely Alternative to Violence Project-Liberia Student Initiative, Rescue Women, Peaceful United Lutheran Church and Rural Integrated Center for Community Empowerment.

Mr. Philip S. Quoqui coordinator Alternative to Violence Project speaking on behalf of the four organizations on Friday, January 19, 2018 said water is not in demand in the country but it has problem with respect to safty.

Quoqui said it was against this backdrop that an international organization Friendly Water for the World came into Liberia in 2017 and trained forty-three young men into fabricating Boi Sand Filter to be used by the population.

“We need to be on the alert because there are so many water borne diseases,” he said. “We are hearing all kinds of diseases in our country and some are related to water borne.”

According to him, the filter is not costly but very affordable and accessible. It is built with concrete and thereafter other substances such as gravel, sand and mouringa are placed within it to help prevent harmful substances like bacterial, fungus, pathogen and other microorganism from contaminating the water, he said.

Mr. William T. Dennis Commissioner of West Point Township receiving the filter thanked the organizations and promised to use it for the intended purpose. He said the filter came at the time the people of West Point are in dying need of save and purify water.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah