‘The People Will Be The Judge’ – Boakai


Vice president Joseph Boakai told members of the senate that Liberians would be the ultimate judges of the outgoing government’s stewardship.

The vice president who was the president of the senate made the statement Monday on the grounds of the capitol at the opening ceremony of the 54th legislature.

“Our people will be the ultimate judge of our stewardship, but where we faltered, we humbly plead for understanding. Where we were taken to have done wrong we stand penitent and plead for reconciliation.”

He urged the incoming president of the senate and vice president-elect Jewel Howard Taylor to be colleague and compatriot who have worked with members of the senate.

“It is certainly a positive development that the nation’s new president, senator George Weah and vice will be none other than colleagues and compatriots who have worked with us in these very chambers for some years now.”

The vice president said elections is a major tenets of democracy but should never be a must win or perish trying to a situation that would engender acts aimed at reaping undeserved rewards.

“Today, we leave it to history to judge whether we have demonstrated the inclination to live by what we preach. What I feel however is great pride and fulfillment for the love and loyalty I hold for this country.”

He charged the senators to serve as forerunners of faith in devotion to and love for the nation who will not relent in reinforcing the agenda for nation building.

Writes Titus E. Dessie