WFP Officials Linked to Bribery


The prosecution of two men of God Bishop P. Manaseh Conto and Pastor Steve F. Kettor for allegedly stealing over US$130,000 from a Korean business man Hungchi Choi has taking another turn with the defendants also been linked to bribing World Food Program (WFP) officials.

Mr. Choi taking the witness stand as prosecution first witness in Criminal Court “C” on Friday, December 29, 2017 said in 2014 the defendants were in charge of his business as managers while he was out of Liberia during the Ebola crisis and that they paid every month to WFP officials US$2,700 as bribe.

Choi said his company Korea Trading rented four buses to WFP for US$18, 445 and it was during that period that the defendants without his consent gave the bribe to the officials.

“Your honor, see one of the evidences the contract with WFP. WFP and Korea Trading, I rented four buses to WFP for US$18, 445. The defendants paid to WFP officials bribe every month US$2, 700. The defendants (Pastor Kettor & Bishop Conto) know bribery is a crime and the Bible also said so. Why they paid WFP officials, they spoiled Liberia character,” he said.

The Korean explained the defendants also told him that the money paid was an appreciation fees. According to him, WFP gets its support from the United Nations, European and America.
The witness said he has written the United Nations about the situation and it is waiting for ruling from the trial.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah