Kailondo Regrets Hateful Campaign Messages


A member of the outgoing ruling Unity Party and businessman George Kailondo regretted hateful exchanges doing the just ended campaign.

He implored President-elect George Weah to muster the courage to restore peace and harmony amongst Liberians under his leadership for the next six years.

Kailondo told reporters the hash campaign messages from all sides were not intentional but a fight to accomplish victory which the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has obtained.

“I am sorry to those I may have hurt durng the political campaign. All those happened because it was campaign time” he said.

”People said the worst things about me, stating that I was planning to assassinate Ambassador Senator George Weah and later it was established that was part of the political strategies.

“All happened because I was entrenched in the campaign process of the Unity Party for which reason we have to go to court.

“I want to urge the president elect- George Weah to take the courage to unify the State because from the results, 40% of the citizens of those that voted do not believe in CDC’s ticket but I know he will stretch his hands across the other parties to ensure that everyone lives in peace and harmony.

He urged the wining party to desist from threatening the new opposition.

“These elections are over. The hate messages were for one ‘thing’ and that was ‘victory’ and the Coalition headed by Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has won the victory”
He said the CDC was established to emancipate the downtrodden masses through jobs creation and open avenues to improve the lives of the ordinary Liberians who had languished in abject poverty for decades.

“As founding member of the CDC, I remembered the downtrodden masses’ interest were the pillars for which we established CDC. CDC has taken power today. I have confidence in the team that is around George Weah with other parties involved, the CDC’s dreams and aspirations will be achieved” he said.
Writes Alex Yomah