Reject Unprepared Weah -Boakai


Vice President Joseph Boakai Wednesday told voters the runoff presidential election is for those who are prepared and have workable policy prescriptions to address the nation’s problem and make its economy competitive and productive for the benefit of every Liberian.

Opposition Leader George Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change should not be entrusted with the governance of the country because they are unprepared for the task at hand and lack the vision to lead this great country, he said.

The Vice President said the Dec. 26 vote is about the country and not individual.

Boakai: “This time is for those who are prepared [and] not just anybody. You can’t just take our country and give it to anybody.”

“Are you going to send somebody [who can’t make your case] to address the United Nations? I don’t want to be there. You have to send your best.”

“It’s not about liking a person, it’s about your country and not me and the unity party. We make friends not for ourselves [but] its for you young people.”

“We care about you. They only want your votes. The solution is not on that side. (CDC).”

“We want an opportunity to serve you because we don’t want you to be beggars. We’re tired of looting.”

“The only people who are offended by Benoni Urey endorsement are those who don’t want progress. We will have to build this country for the benefit of our young people.”

The vice president made the statement Wednesday in Monrovia at the headquarters of the All Liberian Party on the occasion marking his endorsement.

Writes Titus E. Dessie