Humble Boakai is the Change – Kofi Woods


Respected rights advocate, Attorney Samuel Kofi Woods Wednesday told President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that the battle line is drawn and she can no longer fool the Liberian people.

Woods: “You have deceived us too long. We are here to show you can’t fool all the people all of the time. There is one person in this race and that is Joseph Boakai.

“We will speak and speak very loud. We’re tired, Liberia must move on. You cannot fool us. You can dismiss certain ministers and keep others in place.

“You cannot have superintendents endorsing candidate in their office and remain in office while you dismiss other people. We can’t be deceived my friend. The lines are drawn. The battle line is clear.”

“We’re going to take Boakai to the presidency. The agenda for change has been defined. Boakai is the man to change this country. Don’t be afraid of Boakai, he’s a humble man and a reconciler.”

“If you talk about change look on the other side and see if change is possible there. This is where change will come from. Boakai has the experience, strength and maturity to lead this country.

“Don’t insult us, don’t treat us with disdain and don’t be arrogant to us. Don’t tell us that education is not matter. It’s matter today and it’s matter tomorrow.”

Woods made the assertion Wednesday at the headquarters of the All Liberian Party when he endorsed Boakai.

Writes Titus E. Dessie