What’s In Boakai’s 150 Days Plan


Vice President Joseph Boakai has unveiled to voters his first 150 days deliverables, which include a 100% homegrown wood factory and bring to stoppage the deplorable and impassible road situation mainly in the Southeast and across the country.

Appearing on the Costa Show Monday the ruling Unity Party’s presidential candidate promised to bring honest to public service and improve education and health infrastructure and put an end to purchase of imported furniture for government offices.

Boakai: I have traveled across this country. I went to the southeast, I went to Rivercess and I have said the first 150 days, there will be no vehicle stuck in the mud. The other thing I said is, I look at county like Bomi, the young people there, and there is an opportunity, why should we be bringing wooden furniture here.

‘The first 150 days, there will be a woodwork shop that will produce [and] no ministry is going to have an imported desk except we met it there. We will put people to work immediately. We will be able to create 50,000 jobs annually. We have the contacts that are ready to work with us.

‘There are couple of other things that go along with it. When you improve the road condition, the health condition will begin to improve, schools will begin to improve. I’m talking about what is possible.

Boakai and his ruling Unity Party will face the Coalition for Democratic Change now dominated by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s allies in the Dec. 26, presidential run-off elections.

In the medium term, the Vice President is targeting massive investment in education & health, high salary for teachers, health workers and security forces.