Senators Fail to Tell Korkoya What to Do


Senators could not reach a decision Tuesday on what to tell authorities of the National Elections Commission after they summoned chairman Jerome Korkoya and his board of commissioners to explain the methodology on how NEC’s intends to cleanup the Final Voters Registration Roll.

Following several hours of debate and interaction with NEC officials, Senator Jonathan Kaipay’s motion that Korkoya’s testimony to the Senate be noted was defeated.

Senate Pro-Tempore Armah Jallah could not take control of the session and yielded to senator Jewel Howard Taylor’s continuous call for the session to be adjourned.

At his Tuesday appearance in the Senate chamber, Korkoya told the senate plenary session that the FRR is being cleaned and guaranteed the lawmakers that the December 26, timetable would be met.

He could not state the legal reliance for scheduling the runoff vote for Dec. 2017.

“NEC has developed a roadmap to work with [and] the FRR is being cleaned as mandated by the Supreme Court to meet the scheduled time table.”

Chairman Korkoya failed to confirm that the ongoing cleanup campaign of the FRR would be completed and published as required by the Supreme Court.

“We have manual system that we are using and the work is tedious. The system is weak and its possible for double registration for people who want to be dishonest. ”

Writes Titus E. Dessie