President Sirleaf : Media Talking So Much Trash


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her last few weeks in office has launched a strings of attack on journalists, claiming the Liberia media, mainly radio talk so much trash instead of airing news about development and building the society.

She made the statement during program marking the dedication of the Freeport of Monrovia Road Modernization project on Dec. 15, 2017.

Madam President: “Our country has come a long way in every way and every endeavor in which we’ve undertaken. There are challenges no doubt. Development takes a long time, it takes dedication, it takes commitment and it takes hard work. It doesn’t happen any other way and the only ones to develop a country are the nationals of the country itself. Unless they take prime responsibility, the country will never achieve its development goals.”

“And so I like what you (referring to NPA Boss Mr. Williams) have said which is the motto of the National Port Authority (NPA) “Talk Less Do More”. I wish if all Liberians took this to heart and follow that maybe our Radio Stations would now carry things that talk about development, that talk about building society and not talk so much trash.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah