No Money for Adult Literacy


The Government of Liberia is not providing funding for its adult literacy program at the Ministry of Education, the Director for Alternative Education, Dio Harris told reporters Friday in Margibi County.

According to UNESCO, Liberia has about 42% adult literacy rate.

Much has not been done by the Ministry of Education to improve the Alternative education department and implement its projects, He said.

The situation according to Mr. Harris is denying Liberians who missed out on formal education due to the civil war and other circumstances, alternative education in Liberia.

He referenced Bukina Faso which he said committed 6% of its national budget for Adult Education (AE) program, but unfortunately for Liberia, “If you asked me what is the budget for Liberia’s ALTENATIVE EDUCATION as Director for that department, I can say ZERO” he said.

“It is a responsibility of national government to educate her people but let’s face the fact, it is no secret that government isn’t able to do all of that,” he said.

“Our role as government is to regulate the educational process and then seeks partners, service providers in implementing to be able to lift the hands of government to reach out to local implementing partners.”

He made the remarks at ceremony marking the dedication of local implementing partner, identified as ‘National Adult Educational Association in Liberia’ (NAEAL) national head office constructed in Marshall, Margibi County Friday December 16, 2017.

NAEAL which was established 1977 was funded by professional Liberian, Teachers, Bankers among others with a focus point to empower Liberians through adult education, literacy , business and life skills, professional development in order to sustain community development and currently operating in 14 counties in Liberia.

– Alex Yomah.