Lawmakers Are Money Driven -Deputy Speaker


Deputy House Speaker Hans Barchue Friday said the House lost 43 of its 73 members who were seeking reelection in the October 10, 2017 polls because they are money driven.

“This is a challenge that we put forth to the 54th legislature [not to] make the same mistake. [Members] of the 54th legislature must convince the Liberian people that they are different, that they will not be driven by money but will be driven by policies and issues in the [interest] of the country because it’s important.”

Some members of the Senate have conceded to passing and ratifying bad concessions and have been pushing for the revision of those laws.

“Lawmakers in the 53rd legislature didn’t learn from the 52nd. Let me give you empirical and historical facts: when the 52nd legislature went for reelection, 40 of its members lost their seats because of the same mistakes; when the 53rd went for reelection, 43 lost their seats.”

The deputy speaker’s accusation that members of the 53rd legislature are financially induced did not include names the providers of the bribe. He urged the 54th legislature not to repeat same.

“Any government that comes to power in the next couple of weeks will have a major challenge because next month, after induction, if we do not see progress been made, the Liberian people will be out of patience.”

“I call on the distinguished members of the 54th legislature to keep it in mind as we move towards the [runoff] election and move towards the elections of speaker and pro-tempore to form partnership that would put Liberia on the path of development.”

The Deputy speaker made the statement when he inducted officers-elect of the Legislative press pool.
Writes Titus E. Dessie