Korkoya’s Legal Misstep Makes Runoff Election Impossible For Dec. 26


The ruling Unity Party has filed a bill of information with the Supreme Court calling for the issuance of an immediate stay order on the holding of the run-off election on December 26, 2017 due to “irregular and the premature” way the National Election Commission (NEC) is proceeding with the run-off process.

The party accused the NEC of lacking the constitutional and statutory authority to set December 26, 2017 as a new date for the run-off election without first having fully complied with and fully executed the high court’s mandate on December 7, 2017 and without authorization from the Legislature by way of joint resolution of the Senate and House of Representatives and that by such conduct NEC acted contrary to the mandate.

According to the party, NEC has not conducted a full clean-up of the Final Registration Roll (FRR); has failed, neglected and refused to call for and engender collaboration and consultation with the two political parties participating in the run-off as mandated by the court.

UP therefore requested the Supreme Court to order that fifteen days be allowed after NEC publication of the cleaned and sanitized FRR for the public to inspect and for voters to verify whether their names and other information are on the voters roll, to also determine whether any ineligible person is listed on the on the FRR, and to thereafter publish an authenticated and verified FRR.

“Order that consistent with the Elections Law and election regulation which provide that the FRR shall not be altered within thirty days immediately before an election, after the fifteen day public inspection period of the cleaned and sanitized FRR has expired, an additional thirty days shall lapse before the run-off election shall be conducted by NEC,” the party stated.

Chairman Jerome Korkoya and its executive Director Lamin Lighe should be disqualified from participating in or having anything to do with the run-off election and that they be temporarily replaced or substituted as in keeping with the Elections Law, UP demands.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah