Protestors Want Korkoya Out


Protestors gathered Wednesday at the headquarters of the National Elections Commission in Monrovia demanding the resignation of chairman Jerome Korkoya on grounds that he has proven to be impartial.

They Chanted battlecry,with one banner reading “We want Kokoya out.”
The group accused Korkoya of gross incompantancy when he announce to the publice that all those whose names that did not appear on the voter roll during the exhibition period but had voter card were goiung to vote during the october 10 elections.

“This national embarasament allowed several person to vote on the addendum isting although those persons name did not appear on the final registration roll,(FRR)” one protestors said.

“He refused to exait authoruity over the eelectoral process but rather chose to have indrectly denied thousand of liberians thaat were in the queue on that day of the election thre right to viote simply becauuse electoral material and NEC staffers arrived late at verious polling prescient.

This led to thousand of people tht were in the various queue for hours to rturne to their homes and did not vote” a statement from te group said.
The group said there were more than 500 persons voting at a particular polling place, although only 500 persons were allowed to vote in a particular room. This satuation which the NEC authority considered as mistake, something which has the proc;livity to derail our fragile peace and plunge this country into turmoil.

“The chairmam demostrated a flagrant disrespect to the high court order and an overwhelming incompetence when he anounce an election date for the conduct of the run-off election in contrast to the Supreme Court mandate which says the NEC should clean up the FRR and make available hard copies that should be displayed at all public areas, with copies goiven to political parties involved before announcing any election date” the statement added.

The group added: having listed to the points supra on which our unwavering demends for the chairman regsination is base, we are therefoerr callling on all liberians to join us in this struggle in other to save our counrty from the hands of this fast forwarding trouble maker.

We foresee consistent court actions and constitutional crisis after these elections when our genuine quest for this incompetent and fake lawyer resignation is ignored.