PYJ: Gov’t Will Cheat in the 2017 ELelection

Senator Prince Y. Johnson
Senator Prince Y. Johnson

Preacher-cum-Politician, Nimba County Senator, Prince Y. Johnson, has described America’s newly elected President Donald Trump as a God chosen leader who has come to redeem America and effect change in the world.

“The American people wanted Hillary Clinton for continuity but God wants America to change and so he chose Donald Trump to lead the great United States of America,” Senator Johnson told his congregation at the Christ Chapel of Faith Ministries Inc. in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

“I like Trump, and that’s why I congratulated him when he won.”

Senator Johnson, also the political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) termed Mr. Trump’s victory, as a foreshadow of what he predicted will happen in the coming 2017 Presidential election in Liberia.

“Liberia does not want continuity,” Senator Johnson declared. Adding: “What transpired in the American election must also happen here (in Liberia). We need change in Liberia. We don’t need continuity of bad governance, where our people are still not getting good education, and health. We don’t want continuity in the midst of corruption and bad roads.

He cautioned Liberians against selling their birthrights during the pending the elections. “Do not vote for them because they served as bank governor. If you sell your birth rights for little or nothing, you will end up becoming frustrated and you will come down to zero.”

Senator Johnson also claimed the country still has an imperial presidency whose ruling clique continues to impoverish the disadvantaged and less fortunate within the Liberian society.

“We have a clique that feels that they’re the only people who can lead this country. It’s time for Liberians to rise up and speak the truth. I don’t know why people are afraid to speak out. You must speak out because your security is at risk,” Senator Johnson.

Senator Johnson also warned against blackmail in the country. “Many days I read in the papers and I see people placing human skulls in the papers alongside my pictures to blackmail me,” he said, adding, “they frequently accuse me of fighting war. I want to know who didn’t fight war in this country. We need to stop blackmailing each other in this country in order to move our country forward.”

He described his newly formed political party (MDR) as the best political party that will lead the country into posterity. Senator Johnson also urged the congregation to pray for the Liberian nation so that God’s healing will be bestowed upon the country and its people.