More Evidence Needed


More Evidence Needed

In Former EPS Director’s Trial
State lawyers are finding it difficult proceeding with the trial of Darlington George, former Executive Protection Service (EPS) Deputy Director for Operations, accused of beating one Miss. Esther Glain after the victim provided all evidence to them at the Barnerville Magisterial Court.

Atty. Augustine Campbell, one of prosecution lawyers asked the Court to delay the trial until Thursday October 20, 2015, saying: “We won’t continue in this case because the evidence that the state was depending on was in the possession of our colleague and could not be in court on time due to traffic.”

Besides, Atty. Campbell said they were unable to proceed with the matter because their witnesses were yet to arrive “which in our mind constitute a good ground for delay as provided by law.”

He argued that his request to the court was in good faith and not intended to delay the trail.


But defense lawyers led by Atty. Jonathan Massaquoi rejected the state lawyers’ submission, saying, “it was in bad faith and only intended to delay the trial.”

Atty. Massaquoi said the prosecution’s request for continuance was a delay tactic intended to suffer the defendant      after they boasted of having all of the evidences ready.

Judge Gbetee granted the state lawyers’ submission as provided by law and adjourned the hearing for Thursday October 20, 2015.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf dismissed Darlington George upon hearing that he allegedly brutalized a woman, Esther Glain of Barnesville Estate.

It was also reported that Darlington George’s alleged accomplice, James Tamba, was also suspended for time indefinite for his link to the case.

Police last Thursday charged Darlington George with simple assault and criminal facilitation while James Tamba, also an ESP officer assigned to the Vice President, was nailed with aggravated assault and criminal attempt to commit murder.